We specialise in the design of bespoke test hardware and software incorporating the use of the latest computer technology for achieving cost reductions and improving the production process, ensuring our customers gain the most competitive advantage. Automation of assembly and quality techniques with the use of vision and mechanical test designs can reduce product failures and add value to the product.

We provide full consultancy for reviewing the production, research and development processes to enable the reduction of costs and time-scales. We achieve this by utilising computer technology to integrate controls and systems which also provide data retrieval and integration to management systems by software selection to suit current applications.

  • ATE/Automation

Omiga offers complete solutions to many customer requirements, specifying and supplying custom hardware and software to provide a turnkey solution to industry.

  • System Integration

One of Omiga’s main areas of expertise is writing bespoke LabVIEW® software for customers’ unique hardware and user requirements. With extensive experience in almost every industry, we have many satisfied customers running our software solutions to their user requirements.

  • Training

As well as complete solutions and integration services Omiga offers training facilities and assistance to companies looking to generate their own solutions or trying to familiarise themselves with their chosen hardware. We can assist by outlining designs for software, hardware specification and full project requirement specifications as required.

  • Consultancy

Omiga also offers consultancy services to customers whereby we can assess requirements and make appropriate recommendations based on our experience for both hardware and software solutions. This is popular with companies embarking on their own solutions that perhaps don’t have the experience to assess the size or scope of the project.


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